The Solution to Swimsuit Shopping

Yesterday I took a trip to Target to buy toilet paper, because necessity, and despite the angel on my shoulder telling me I was broke, I strolled over to the swimsuits...just in case.  Plus, I needed to at least pretend for a dazzling moment that all the world wasn't frozen outside those automatic glass doors.… Continue reading The Solution to Swimsuit Shopping


WTF Fashion: “Skeggings” and “Skapris”

So apparently there's this new fashion trend for nuggets: "skeggings" and "skapris."  Derived from the mid-90's success of the "scourt" (a skirt with shorts underneath, for those of you who don't remember the good 'ol days of Power Rangers and neon sunscreen), these garments are quite convenient, I guess.  They are leggings and capris, respectively,… Continue reading WTF Fashion: “Skeggings” and “Skapris”

Musings From My Cubicle: Game of Thrones on the Ceramic Throne

Here's the thing about work (at least for me): sometimes, it's helluh busy and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I'm all about quick responses to emails and getting shizz done.  But then there's the other times when I have abso-fruitly NOTHING to do.  Perhaps it's because I don't dawdle… Continue reading Musings From My Cubicle: Game of Thrones on the Ceramic Throne