Teal Polish: Feeling Like a Mermaid/Tween

I painted my nails yesterday.  And thanks to the magic that is quick dry polish plus quick try top coat, the smudges were nonexistent!  Which is great because what normally happens is I get this awesome idea to paint said nails right before going to bed and then I inevitably collect these really cool sheet marks and completely eff up my paint job.  #theworst.

Except despite my beautimous artwork (really, one of those nail salons should just hire me on the spot…wait, I take it back…touching other people’s feet makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon), I’m on the fence about my color choice.

See, I’m trying these fall-inspired colors – darker shades with the occasional pop of brightness.  I spotted this awesome shining teal at Target and just had to have it.  But now that I’ve got it on my little sausage stubs, I feel like a cross between the Little Mermaid and a twelve year old shopping at Pac Sun.  I can’t decide which is worse.


See?  Sausage fingers.  I really have to watch my back at the butcher shop – they’re constantly trying to package my hands up to sell.  So annoying. 

Anyways, can’t decide if I’m liking it or not.  But I am in love with fall and all of it’s fantabulous polish color options.  Currently craving:

3fd74fce680bc8b5db6f9bc061a52882 6c1d97f075cee157e8403ef3d5c41902 8bec5acc3ac527485e6747a245aba75f 33ed1237e4d6708e03d04d55af30d5d1 af4457e2e1409ee113e7d1ece30b206e c51434e995b2f55328cc37f3f0a9dcef ef86746cd62f3f036a4b55e30838b92e




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