The Average Vogue: A Commentary on High Fashion for the Average Josephine

High fashion and couture have always been show-stoppers.  By this I mean that every runway show and every photo shoot is almost always a bit, well, put on.   The colors are brighter, the makeup is weirder, and the hair doesn’t move an inch (which begs the question: did they pull a Cameron Diaz in “There’s Something About Mary?”).

Out of all the hoopla of a gaggle of models strutting down the runway looking a bit clown-y, the average Josephine would probably be able to actually wear maybe one piece.  Unfortunately, there’s usually not a “how to wear it off the runway” guide accompanying these exhibitions.  So I’ve decided to start a new series that cracks this lifelong mystery.  I present to you “The Average Vogue: A Commentary On High Fashion for the Average Josephine.”   In this series, I take looks straight off the runway and straight off the pages of magazines and re-create them for normal eating humans – using only the items currently in my closet and the occasional help of “low brow” stores like Marshall’s and Target.  Tres chic is mah name, gettin’ weird is mah game.  Combine the two and you have an image of perfection to inspire your dressing needs from here to the end of time.  ‘Cuz ain’t nobody got time fo droppin’ 3Gs on a pair of gloves.  No way no how.

Today’s Average Vogue is inspired by Alexander Wang Fall 2013 RTW runway show:


I especially enjoy the monkeys hanging on her arms.  Because what’s better than when fashion collides with necessity?! Let’s be real – we’ve all gotta stay warm during those chilly winter months!  Problem solved!

Now…for the big reveal…how to take it from the runway to the streets!


I was running low on monkeys, so I used socks instead.  And I even added in a pop of fun colors!  Check out those yellow striped socks…me-ow!IMG_3992IMG_3991

Oh my.  That’s what I call sex on legs.


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