Musings From My Cubicle: Lonely Lunchin’

I recently moved into a new role at my anonymous place of employment, which is great and new and challenging, but also depressing.  I went from working with a small group of girls who over the last year had become great friends, to sitting by myself in a cubicle, treating myself to a clementine.


(Sad.  And frizzy.  What the hell, October.  No more of this humidity ish – pick a season.)

The thing is, right now I’m in that whole “trying to assess the situation” stage – figuring out what’s “normal;” if lunches are daily family feasts or occasional treats, etc.  Being the new kid on the block is always an obstacle (even when you’re accepted right away as a peer versus having to fight your way into the “cool kids” crowd).

As a direct result of this self-enforced solitude, my lunches no longer involve careless chats about weekend festivities and holiday plans.  Instead said lunches consist of myself, my sammie, and a constant refreshing Pinterest feed.  I’m like the definition of a hermit.

Now as a hermit, I have significant amounts of pondering time.  I ponder what I’m going to eat for dinner.  I ponder the difference between the deliciousness of pumpkin spice creamer versus hazelnut.  I ponder what kind of candy I should hand out for Halloween so I can steal half for myself.  It’s the meaning of life, really.  All the important things in a nutshell.

My pondering has become so deep at times that I’ve been known to elicit an awe akin to that of Socrates.  I’m pretty much clairvoyant at this point.

Thoughts on what to ponder today: what is the difference between a dark chocolate covered almond and a dark chocolate covered Himalayan salted almond?  (These exist.  Really.  I just saw them at Target and I wonder – does the fact that it’s salted from the Himalayans make it truly taste better?  Or is all salt from the Himalayans and Target just decided to capitalize on that little known fact to stand out from the crowd? I must know. The code must be cracked or else humanity may never survive.)

That’s all I’ve got for now. If you’ll excuse me, I have some dessert to sample before I bring it to my team potluck this afternoon.  Yes it’s 9am.  And you’re point is…? You know, maybe I’ll also add pondering about the “normalcy” of eating dessert first.

I’ve got the time, baby.  So so so much time.


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