Musings From My Cubicle: That’s What She Said

As most of you know, I work in corporate America, which means I attend a lot of meetings.  I also have the humor and maturity of a twelve year old boy, which means I encounter endless opportunities to yell out “that’s what she said” on a daily basis.  Alas, I refrain, to the relief of my landlord.  Certain things just aren’t a-ok to say out loud when everyone around you is wearing suits, ya feel me?

Anyways, I now bring you the first in another new series (first one introduced yesterday: That’s Pretty Neat; links I’m currently obsessing over) of “that’s what she said” moments overheard here in the magical land of cubes.  Mostly because I have to let it all out somewhere.  And it’s effing hilarious.  I hope you enjoy.

Overheard this week:

“Shove that in there.”  That’s what she said.

“It stands up so nicely!”  That’s what she said.

“Do you want my help with professional services?”  That’s what she said.

“Check the size – from my experience there’s like 4 different kinds.”  That’s what she said.

“Would you like some of my nuts?”  That’s what HE said.


Now pause and revel in the magic.  Happy Friday.


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