I’m Not Playing Hard to Get

There’s this notion out there that a woman is supposed to act docile and let a man “woo” her over.  She’s supposed to coyly flirt but not enough to where she “gives away” all of her mysteries and feelings.

But that’s also advice that was freely given in about the 18th century.  I assume this is because no one wanted to get any feelings hurt or experience rejection, so they just sat back and waited until a fish bit.  Which is also why “old maids” most likely came to be.  Sad shit right there.

With our modern advances, like texting and snap chat and iMessage, there’s no such thing as being coy.  People can read you like a goddamn open book.  All they have to do is go to your Facebook “info” and know instantly if your gay/straight/in a relationship/it’s complicated/I like to read Dan Brown novels.

So the big questions is…with all this transparency, why can’t anyone take a hint?

Exhibit A: I have this friend who once got ham-sauced and finally gave an obnoxious 40-something her number (After, might I add, he wouldn’t stop pestering her – I assume this is why parents agree to giving their children unlimited candy.  I wouldn’t want to listen to the fuckers whine for hours either).  The morning-ish after, the following ensued:


Exhibit B: Said friend was also simultaneously in communicado with a rando she met online.  Mind you, they had yet to actually meet in person:IMG_6900

Things got weird real fast.  And that, my friends, is called not taking a hint. (See my previous post on stalker man: Desperation in Pathetic Abundance)

We’re not playing hard to get.  We’re just not that into you.

This ain’t da 1700’s.  Coy doesn’t exist.


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Playing Hard to Get

  1. Ooh yeah they are crazy. It’s sad that the dynamic between men and women exist – I’ve got to admit though, as creepy as those texts were, they are a bit entertaining (: Thanks for sharing!


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