Paris in the 1920’s

I always wonder what era people feel they should have lived in.

I furrrrr sure should’ve lived in the 20’s.  All that sass and jazzy prohibition-ridden behavior is just faaaaaab (let’s be real, I act the same way in 2012, and we don’t have any alcohol restrictions).  Although, I really would have preferred to live in Paris (which clearly had no prohibition – just behavior.  Voila).

And really, when you think about it, the 20’s were just incredible fashion-wise.  The bobs, the flapper attire, the drop-waist dresses, all those little adorned vintage bucket hats and fedoras.  And the MEN!  GET AT ME.  They always looked spiffy – shoes shined and suspenders properly placed.  Rawr.

Not to mention said time period was void of the many fashion what the fucks of our generation.

Take “meggings,” for example.  These babies are leggings for men.  Which is fine and dandy and all – if you’re a ballet dancer or a bike racer.  Otherwise, there is FAR too much junk in that nether region to ever appear in public.  It’s basically like carrying a flashing neon arrow around your neck accompanied by the words “HEY LOOK! I HAVE A PENIS!”

Then, we have the socks with sandals trend.  Granted, this usually doesn’t appear anywhere but on 50 year old dads and middle-aged lesbians, but still.  It’s horrendous.  Love who you want, but Lord almighty, do NOT where socks with sandals.  Make up your mind.  Is it hot?  Or is it cold?  If you can’t decide, just have a peek down at the nips – I’m sure they’ll make up your mind for you.

Now, back to the glories of the 20’s.

Have you ever seen “Midnight in Paris?”  It’s like a continuous party with sexy authors all hopped up on absinthe and dreaming of abstract stories and art that make you ponder life and simultaneously feel a little horny.  Well, maybe that’s just me.  But really people – if you could have partied with Hemingway, you totally would have.  Admit it.  That brah sho nuff knows how to have a good time.

And escaping to Paris is the ultimate dream in itself.  I did it briefly when I studied abroad – and fell completely in love.  The city is romantic and mysterious and dark and twisty all at the same time.  Exactly how I like my men.

If I was given the chance to drop everything today – all my bills, responsibilities, job, EVERYTHING – and move to the city of love and lights…I WOULD.  Of course, I’d need at least a day to pack the perfect suitcase and liquidate my (non-existent) savings account to purchase even more fabulous clothes abroad, but as long as that’s in order – Paris here I (would) come!

Alas, I have yet to discover the gold at the end of the rainbow to fund such a wonderfully extravagant life.  So for now, it shall remain on hold.  But one day I will return, and I will start a new generation of Americans in Paris – and party like it’s the 1920’s 😉


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