It’s Shiny! It’s a Martian! It’s…um…Silver?

So, it snowed almost a foot on Sunday, and I’m still walking to work in this:



It’s kind of like I’m playing Angelina Jolie in some mountainous wilderness, a secret spy at the ready, accompanied by a really sexy man who (obviously) will have to strip naked and embrace me so neither of us dies from frostbite.  Except when Angelina Jolie films said scenes, it’s probably in a warehouse in LA in front of a green screne, and here in zee real life, it’s mother effing cold.  Also, I run the risk of constantly being hit by cars because A) they can’t stop in the slush, and B) I wear a peripheral visionless hood that is warm, but life-threatening.

But despite the fact that it’s below zero with the windchill, underneath my parka sleeping bag, I must embrace denial and continue to channel Madame Jolie.  And what, pray tell, awaits?  Why, my shiny silver sweater, of course!

But here’s my dilemma: I can’t decide if this shirt makes me look like I’m just really excited for the holidays and want to sparkle so much that those around me feel the need to wear sunglasses, or if it makes me look like a martian.  It’s quite possibly a combination of both.


(I’m trying to remember if I had to pee when this photo was taken.  Clearly I’m performing the Potty Dance.)

Either way, I love it.  Well, except for the fact that it’s a weird fabric – kind of a half sweater thing that crumples when I sit down (RE: when my rolls like to come out to play) and remains in that molded shape for the remainder of the day, regardless of how many times I try to straighten it out.  So, I’m basically a walking billboard for a tummy tuck (Let me clarify: I do not think I need a tummy tuck.  I happen to be quite comfortable with my body and have a soft spot for my FUPA.  I find it gives me character.  Also, it means that in college, there were only a select few individuals with asses as large as mine – less clothes-nabbing, more happiness.)


Anywho.  I’m going to stop rambling now.  I have a migraine today so my writing is, how shall we say it, terrible.  And my thoughts are jumping around like a damn cat with the attention span of, well, a cat (did I mention my writing is terrible right now?).

So, I hope your Tuesday is ballin’ biddies.  I would prefer to be at home in my pajamas, but alas, da bills gotsta be paid.


Style Tip of the Day:

It’s the holidays!  And that means that wearing head-to-toe obnoxious metallics and sparkles is A-okay!  Ok, so maybe head-to-toe is a little much, but embrace the bold.  Noticed that gorgeous shirt on the rack that you think, “Oh, there’s no way I could pull that off, it’s far too loud?”  BUY IT.  Just take a chance – you can always return it (but you didn’t hear that from me) 😉

Shirt (Marshall’s), Pants (H&M), Shoes (Target), Bracelet (Premier Designs)


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