You Are What You Wear

I currently have a head cold that began the other morning when I woke up and couldn’t swallow or breathe due to the tasty phlemy buildup in my nose/mouth.  To top it all off, my dog was literally laying across my face and blocking any semblance of a breeze that could have kept my oxygen flowing, and therefore kept me alive.

I woke up in time (obviously, as I’m writing at this very moment) and pushed the little mongrel away and took a deep breath.  Or, at least I tried.  More like a staggered, gasping breath.  Oy.

So here I am on a Friday night, sitting in my bed and wishing someone were here to make me soup and rub my back and make me laugh.  I tried making Barkley do it, but he couldn’t reach the stove and when I turned onto my stomach, he just clambered on top of me and resumed his favorite pastime of cuddling/suffocating.  So it’s back to square one.

For the past few days, it’s taken me at least three times longer to complete a task at work thanks to the black cloud of snot hanging over my head.  I could literally read a sentence five times and not know what the flip I just read.  Also, I appeared to my coworkers as if I was high as a kite and/or about to pass out standing up.  Either way, I’ve been in serious need of a pick-me-up.

Enter Dayquil!  Just two little tablets of these babies and KAPOW! That cloud is suddenly lifted and the things coming out of your mouth that seconds ago were just meaningless ramblings that didn’t connect at all suddenly transform into actual sentences!  Magic.

If Dayquil was a man, I would make love to it.  I would call it “Baby” and hug it and kiss it and squeeze it in all sorts of naughty ways.  Meow.

Perhaps Sir Dayquil would do me the honor as well.

But let’s get to the point, shall we?  When I’m feeling like a ginormous pile of scheisse, I force myself to make that day’s outfit the bomb-diggity.  You are what you wear (Overalls = redneck. Sequins = drag queen.  Miniskirt = slutmuffin.  NOTE: I may or may not enjoy playing all of these roles.)  If you look like shit, you will feel like shit.  It’s like reverse psychology of style.  I think.  Or something like that.

Save the sweats for movie night.  Glam it up lovahs!  It’s well worth it.

Oh, and invest in Dayquil.  It’s a sexy, sexy beast that will change your life.  Guaranteed.DSC_0991


(I paired my navy/cream inkblot shirt with my maroon pencil skirt, a skinny gold belt, black tights, taupe pumps, and gold rings/bracelet – if you’re planning to mix and match colors and patterns, let that speak for itself.  Keep the jewelry consistent and simple.)DSC_0992



DSC_0997(It’s okay Barkley – I will still let you snuggle with me and steal my dirty socks from the laundry basket.  And I will give you treats and spoil you rotten.  You dirty dirty little man, you.)

Shirt (The LImited)Skirt/Belt/Tights/Shoes (Target), Bracelet (Forever 21), Gold Pounded Ring (Premier Designs), Gold/Stones Ring (India)


3 thoughts on “You Are What You Wear

  1. I love your outfit, especially your top, and I love that your paired black tights with your cute grey booties! What would we do without Target? Also, it says that you posted on my wall…but it doesn’t say if you said anything….? Just wondering lol….Feel better and have a great weekend!

    xoxo Hayley

    1. Thanks! You’re so right – Target is Mecca 🙂 I believe it didn’t show because it was a ping back – I linked your post to mine! But I will say your boots are to DIE FOR.

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