10 Ways To Hide Greasy Hair: Illustrated Version

Per the request of my amiga Sarah, I shall now illustrate my previous post on laziness and 10 ways to hide greasy hair (you can view the full post here).

Warning: the photos below may cause you to be aroused and want to marry me.

10 Ways to Hide Greasy Hair

  1. Hat.
  2. Scarf.
  3. Ponytail/Bun.
  4. More gel – apparently the “slicked back” look is in…?
  5. Say you just showered.
  6. Wear work out clothes (“Sorry…I’m just really fit.  It’s a hard life I lead.”)
  7. Headband.
  8. Braid.
  9. Distraction (Wear obnoxiously bright pants…anything to draw attention DOWN.  And if clothing isn’t distracting enough, you can always pee.  It’s guaranteed to attract.)
  10. Tease the shit out of it.



5 thoughts on “10 Ways To Hide Greasy Hair: Illustrated Version

  1. […] Turns out there was no routine.  We were asked to do a time step.  Which looks tres cool if I do say so myself.  Except I have no clue how it’s done.  I just sort of stared as each person went one by one, and as it drew nearer to the time of my execution, I prayed the floor would swallow me momentarily to let the soon-to-be-extremely-uncomfortable-moment pass (Perhaps I should’ve used my “distraction” pee-in-my-pants technique.). […]

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