The Dilemma Known As Packing

I’m a little OCD when it comes to packing for a trip.  I generally write out a detailed list, then try on every single outfit I plan to wear and tweak the accessories until it’s perfect (Hey – it’s necessary.  It’s not like I’ll have my entire closet at my disposal).  After I’ve finalized my ensembles and meticulously packed my toiletries in airplane-approved containers, I begin the tedious process of stuffing my suitcase until it can barely zip. 

Unfortunately, my father is all too familiar with my packing “habits.” 

Dad: Remember Pumpkin, Pappy’s got a washer and dryer, so don’t pack a bunch of shit.

Me: I know Dad, I promise I wo-

Dad: And we’ll be in Mississippi – we’re not gonna be going out to fancy dinners or anything like that.

Me: I know Dad, I told you I’m only packing a small-

Dad: I know you. You’re gonna be like “I’m just bringing a few things,” then you’ll somehow manage to stuff nine pairs of shoes and twelve dresses in a suitcase that’s heavy as shit.

Me: What?  No I won’t.  I promise.  Remember when we went to New York?!  I got everything in my carry-on!  This is Mississippi, I-

Dad: Just bring a t-shirt and a pair of pants and maybe one pair of shoes.  All we’re gonna be doing is hanging out and talking.  You want to be comfortable.  And it’s gonna be a pain in the ass to carry a heavy suitcase through the airport.

Me: Dad, c’mon, I prom-

Dad: You don’t need a million pairs of underwear either.  There’s a washer and dryer.

Me: What?  That’s gross.

Dad: Just turn ’em inside out.

Me: I’m hanging up now.

Aaaand this is why I’ve become a pro at finding ways to fit twice as much in a bag:

1. Stuff shoes with socks/underwear/chargers/belts – pretty much anything that can physically fit.  This not only saves you some space, but also keeps your shoes in their upright and erect position (Yes, that did indeed sound sexual).

2. Roll your clothes – this allows you to mold them to fit any crevice.  You know those corners that tend to just exist without any purpose due to the fact that your boot doesn’t exactly fill the space?  Problem solved.  Your PJs have found their rightful place.

3. Wear layers – and LOTS of them.  And make sure you’re wearing your bulkiest clothes (without channeling an eskimo).  For instance, in preparation for my flight this evening, I will be wearing jeans, a black tee, a bulky charcoal sweater, a scarf, and flats.  So, basically the “heaviest” clothes I’ll be bringing to Mississippi (because it’s a balmy 60-ish degrees there – chicka-yeeeaaaaaahhhh!).

4. Pack the most versatile clothes you have.  Make sure your outfits can all be flip-flopped and mixed and matched.  It’s best to pack a few stand-out items and let the rest be neutrals.  That way you eliminate the need to pack 7 different shirts and 4 pairs of pants.  Reuse!  Recycle! Yay!  (Especially if there’s a washer and dryer, which I believe I’ve been told there will be).

5. Pack a few pairs of shoes – but only one of each type.  Don’t bring three pairs of boots and four flats.  You want shoes that will work with all of your outfits – BUT you still want options.  I’m bringing my gold sparkly smoking flats, a pair of short cowboy boots and my BCBG (insanely high) suede bootie heels.  Flats? Check. Boots? Check. Heels? Check.

So, remember – pack stealthy – haters gonna hate.  My father is by far one of the funniest people I know, and totes my BFF, but as much as I love him, his suggestions in the style department are slightly biased.  (As in, when he buys me a t-shirt from a trip, he buys it in an XXXXL so it’s “comfortable” – I don’t weigh 300 lbs and wrestle on the weekends.  I know – I fooled you too.)  But we fahionistas need to stick together!  So stuff those suitcases biddies!  It’s worth having to sit on it to get it to close 😉

2 Days!!! Blekdioahewoeiwa! Excitement. Yes.


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