A Case of the Mondays

Mondays (I’m sure you can agree) are usually not the happiest of days.  Mine started off with procrastination at breakfast (Yeah…right NOW sounds like the perfect time to catch up on emails and see what hundreds of friends are up to even though I can do that any other time of the day).  This was immediately followed by procrastination in the closet (Hmmmm…purple?  Blue? Wait…should I nix the scarf? How bout a necklace?  Ugh…am I really in the mood to wear that skirt?).  And then, the inevitable “oh shit” moment when I realize it’s 7:30 and I should be on my way to work but I still need to feed and walk my dog so he doesn’t pee everywhere.  So there’s that.

Now, remember my Comfy at Work post?  Well, it’s apparently casual week all week long at work (that was a redundant sentence).  Except I missed the memo.  It was like walking into an episode of the Twilight Zone.  EVERYONE was in jeans.  My pencil skirt had never felt more constricting.

Then, Monday decided to give me another little shove on my trip to the ladies room.  On our floor, we have those automatic flushing toilets.  Which, consequently, are the most obnoxious invention on the planet.  I laid down the “hygiene paper” (is that what it’s called?), and just as I was about to whip my bum around to assume the position, the Toilet of Evil flushed and took with it my precious “hygiene paper.”  And my pride.  For, you see, I sat down before I had time to realize the potty paper was gone.  Mmmm.  Then, said Toilet of Evil decided to flush once again before a single drop fell from my lady parts, giving me an unnecessary genital bath.  I assume it was jealous of it’s bidet counterpart.

Followed by my visit to the Toilet of Evil, my excel program on my computer decided to play a little game of “I have no idea what you’re working on, but it’s hilarious to watch you get so frustrated” with me.  So, because my computer was frozen for the majority of the day (I tried to fix it, I really did – you’d think restarting it 3 times would finally get it to start working), I wrapped presents.  Actually though – I have some family birthdays this week.  But, I digress.

On the bright side, I treated myself to Starbucks AND fro-yo today, and though I was slightly overdressed, I DID get to show off my brand-spankin’ new nerd glasses!  Woohoo!  Yeah!  Bam!  Pow!  Cha-ching!

And on another note, it’s three days to Turkey Time.  I’ll have you know I’ve been priming my stomach to be able to fit more than normal amounts of food inside –  this may or may not have included a large Domino’s pizza this weekend.

The end.

(Today’s outfit: I simply paired a black pencil skirt, orange dress tee, purple scarf, black tights, purple booties and bright pink lipstick, and…VOILA!)

(Also – shout out to Miss M – thanks for the Revlon LipButter suggestion!  Lovin’ me some “lollipop!”  For her full post, check it out here.)

Glasses (JC Penney), Scarf (Forever 21), Shirt/Skirt/Tights/Watch (Target), Shoes (Payless)

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