Comfy at Work

I love Fridays.  Mostly because it means the weekend is FINALLY here.  But, also, it means it’s casual day at work!!!

By the end of the week, let’s be honest, NONE of us want to take the time to get dressed.  All I can think about when I wake up at 6am is how as soon as I’m done with work, I can come back home and take the longest nap of my life – one that will preferably reach into the next morning.

There’s a woman on my floor who probably thinks the same thing – except she thinks about it everyday.  We call her the “Sleeping Lady.”  She literally sits at her desk staring at her computer, head upright and once in awhile her chin resting in her hand – except she’s fast asleep.  Kind of like a horse that sleeps while standing.  Who does that?!?!  Mind you, we’ve all had an episode or two when we’ve found ourselves dozing off or unable to concentrate.  But this woman doesn’t just doze off.  Not to mention the fact that her desk is on the edge of the row – right in the aisle.  So EVERYONE sees her.  It’s become a bit of a running joke – does she get any work done?  Is she sleeping today?  OMG SHE’S AWAKE!!! Let’s have a celebration.

SO – since Fridays are my “sleepy” days (I do not sleep at my desk thank God), I generally take Friday to wear the comfiest clothes possible that are still work-acceptable and fall just short of being pajamas.

The result this week?  A warm charcoal gray sweater with bright yellow pants, a knit white circle scarf and oxfords.

I just hope Sleeping Beauty can pull it together before she decides it’s more comfortable and convenient to just go ahead and curl up under her desk.  And perhaps she should try letting her hair fall over her face – how do you think I got through micro econ in college?!  (I also pulled a C in that class…so there’s that.)

Now if you’ll excuse me…I need to take a nap.  Nevermind that I’m still in my pajamas and it’s Saturday evening.


Scarf (Kohl’s), Sweater (Old Navy), Pants (Forever 21), Shoes (Target)


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