While I adore this time of year (less than a week till I get to stuff my face with turkey, mashed potatoes & pumpkin pie – aaand feel completely guilt-free about it), it also makes me slightly depressed when it dawns on me that the rise of cold weather equals the rise of people everywhere wearing only black and other similarly drab colors.

Just because bright colors are associated with spring doesn’t mean you can’t still incorporate them into your winter wardrobe.  If you’re worried about looking like a traffic cone amidst all the neutrals – fear not!  For yours truly has the solution to maintaining your fabulous style without sacrificing your reputation!

Simply follow this key rule: pair your bright color of choice with neutrals.  Yes, it is that straightforward.  There is no need to channel an Easter egg.  Keep it simple and classy and let that color be a magnet for all the adoring eyes that will surely follow you everywhere you go.

And wear it with confidence!  You can’t pull off a bold color if you’re scared of it.  Don’t self-consciously adjust your shirt and slouch when you enter your meeting, secretly wishing everyone would avert their eyes.  Roll back your shoulders, slap on a grin (or sly smirk – whatever the situation calls for), and act like it’s any other day.  I guarantee the looks your getting will be because you’re rocking that color.  And let’s be real – every chica in that room is inwardly planning on how to insert that shade in one of next week’s outfits.  Be a goddess my loves!  Shake what yo momma gave ya!  Show the world that bright is tight!  (As in it’s in…like, cool…please don’t wear uncomfortably tight clothing, as it is awkward for everyone involved.)

Also, as a side note, please don’t wear neons in any of the following forms: mesh, fishnets, scrunchies (NEVER – NOT EVEN IN NEUTRALS), pleather, leggings, eyeshadow, and sweatshirts.  Because the 80’s called and they want their tacky style back.  Save it for the costume party.

So lift up those glasses (I know most of you have some semblance of a drink in hand…it’s Friday!) and cheers to being anything but boring!


Shirt (Old Navy), Skirt/Tights/Shoes (Target), Necklace/Bracelets (Kohls), Belt (Consignment), Glasses (they’re real peeps – JCPenney)


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