Makin’ Statements

Vogue is the bible of women everywhere.  It’s chock full of glorious indulgences that the majority of us would never be able to afford (cue angry growl).  And there’s just something about high fashion that’s like a drug.  It’s fabulous – and for some reason, fashion is like a giant exception to every rule in the book.  It’s pretty much the only place where wearing a cat on your head while donning knee-high socks, heels and wedding tents for sleeves is ok – and even praised!

Now why the eff would anyone ever do that in real life?  They wouldn’t.  Because if you walked around with a cat on your head, people would either be worried for your sanity or concerned that the little pussycat would piss on your new ‘do.  Either way – it’s not normal outside the realm of fashion week.

So how do we, as normal folk, bring a little glam into our everyday wardrobes?!

It’s all about tweaking the trends to fit your personal style.

Love the color of that obnoxiously voluminous coat (that also doubles as a boat cover in the off season)?  Pick up a scarf or shoes in the same shade – a subtle nod to the Gods of Fashion without having to strap that cat to your face!  Hooray!

I’m a huge proponent of accessories – it’s the quickest way to add instant glam to an otherwise classy, yet fairly boring outfit.  Take this outfit, for instance.  I wore a simple black cap-sleeved Calvin Klein dress with grey tights and purple suede booties.  Cute, for sure, but nothing about it that pops…UNTIL you add a massive statement necklace.  SHA-BAM! ABRAKADABRA!  And there you have it.

See what I did there?  Cat.  Minus the inevitable clawing and purring.

Of course, necklaces of this magnitude do come with a bit of a warning – this one in particular is made entirely of metal, which therefore makes me sound like a dog whenever I walk around.  But you know what they say about dogs…

Ok, they don’t really say anything about dogs.

But the point is that glam isn’t impossible to achieve – just start with little doses, then work your way up to something wild (yet normalized) like a crazy and unique patterned dress – make it pop! (Lock and drop it?)

Aaaaand…I’m out.

Peace, Love & Beyonce.

Dress (Calvin Klein), Necklace (Consignment), Tights (Target), Shoes (Payless), Watch (Target)

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6 thoughts on “Makin’ Statements

      1. haha, I will probably end up shopping! I can’t resist and I’ve just gained some major confidence in myself so I need some new clothes to show it off! 🙂

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