Polka Dot

In addition to strutting and narrating my life with music (see “Badass Booties“), I tend to channel characters whenever I get dressed.  Do I feel like being classy and cool today – an Anna Wintour?  Or do I feel like busting out my inner hipster (the ultimate dream)?  Or perhaps I’m in the mood to pretend I’m walking on a catwalk all day with flashing bulbs all around me (let’s be real, I pretend this is the case everywhere I go).

This particular outfit screamed “bad teacher.”  Only thing missing was a pair of nerd glasses – which I unfortunately cannot pull off as they make me look like a turtle. But that’s neither here nor there.

Pencil skirts are my new work obsession – classic, chic and flattering, they hug curves without giving away all that blech that tends to gather at the belly button and below (RE: cottage cheese and weird rolls that might knock someone out if given the chance).

So, behold: I wore a slammin’ new maroon pencil skirt with a navy/cream polka dot sheer top & nude heels (and nylons because it’s cold as shit outside…don’t do bare legs, ladies – SO not worth it).

And it was awesome.

I felt like a baller.

The end.

Shirt (Love Culture), Cami (Forever 21), Skirt (Target), Shoes (Kohl’s), Watch (Target)


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