Mustard Mania

Today, I’m going to talk about mustard.  It is, of course, a condiment.  And one that I find incredibly annoying.  How many other condiments do you know of that when you go to squeeze a line onto your hot dog, feel the need to instead spurt out a splash of diarrhea-like consistency first?!  Yum.  Bet you’re hungry now.

But aside from its existence as a watery food topper, it’s also a fabulous hue that I happen to be wholeheartedly in love with.  That’s right.  I’m talking about mustard, the color.

I have what some have taken to calling “an obsession” with this shade.  It’s gotten to the point that although I currently own a long mustard sweater cardigan, I nearly bought its identical twin that differed only in the thickness of the sweater.  I still defend my yearning with the clear conviction that obviously there are occasions that require both thicknesses.  One just simply doesn’t cut it for all of them.  Alas, I allowed my bestie to convince me to save my money for something I actually needed…like…um…food.  Yeah.  Food.  Just doesn’t have the same ring of excitement to it.  Meh.

I do, however, allow myself to expand this particular color in my wardrobe to include any and all items I may ever wear (one of each, please!).  And I shall continue to allow myself to do so.  Let me go ahead and spell it out for you.  I own the following in this lovely mustard hue (which many would consider over the top…and to them, I say don’t knock it until you try it): a long sweater cardigan, a beret, heels, a purse, a trench coat, gloves, linen shorts, a lace tee, a pencil skirt, a two-tone mod-style sleeveless dress, and multiple scarves.  Not to mention the numerous other yellow hues that grace the interior of my closet.

So, to sum it all up, I’m obsessed.  It’s the truth.  And I love it.

Mustard is the perfect color for fall.  It’s everywhere – on those beautiful leaves making their annual change, on those golden apples that get turned into apple pies and apple butter (drooling yet?), and of course, on every Gopher fan at TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday mornings (had to throw a lil’ alumn pride in there)!

And while hues like oxblood are making hit debuts this fall, mustard remains a personal favorite.  Plus, it makes a perfect pair with almost any color – especially oxblood.

And just in case you needed any more proof that this is a classic color to keep around, just take a look at the trend sprinkled throughout the Emmy Awards!


Granted, the hue isn’t exactly mustard, but yellow is yellow – and it’s the perfect color to tweak for each season.  Bright for summer, mustard for fall, and who knows?  Perhaps more of a gold will be my go-to choice come this winter!

This week at work, I paired my lacy yellow top (brand spankin’ new – I ADORE it – great find by my coworker Anna!) with a long black pencil skirt, a vintage white belt with a gold buckle, my fabulous retro-esque mustard/black pumps, a leopard watch, gold earrings, and a few turquoise bracelets to tie in my turquoise nails.  Just fabulous daaaahhhhhhling!

Whatever your personal style, see if you can “mustard” up the courage (yeah, I just went there) to mix it up a bit with a pop of this fabulous swatch – perhaps as a clutch, a swipe of nailpolish, or a sassy hat for the chilly weather.  I guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the result!

There’s no need to go into full-on obsession mode like yours truly.  Unless, of course, you want to.  Then, I fully support it!  Obvi.

‘Till next time – good luck with your mustard search, and good luck squeezing a nice thick line of it on your next hotdog.  Bon appetit!


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