A Night at the Theataaaahhhh!


The middle finger.



Yep.  I’d say Billy Elliot had all of the key ingredients to a good time.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, it takes place during the historic miners strike in England in 1984 – a time of both hardships and determination.  The plot follows a young boy named Billy Elliot who happens to stubble upon a ballet class after a boxing lesson.  He begins to frequent the class and finds himself drawn to the beauty of dance.  He has a raw talent that is unmatched by anyone else in the class and soon finds himself on a path to a better life and opportunities beyond the mines. His dream brings his family together, and the community together as a whole – an inspiring tale that isn’t soon forgotten.

Plus, the entire cast speaks in English accents.  Which clearly makes the lines funnier, the men sexier, and the children cuter.  I’ll probably raise my children in London just so they can call me “Mum.”  And, I’ll probably make them all say “please sir, I want some more” every time they crave seconds at dinnertime.  It’s just too good an opportunity to pass up.  Of course, my mind-blowingly hot British husband (obviously Hugh Grant‘s twin) will roll his eyes every time I make them repeat the phrase.  But, then he’ll laugh right along with me and gaze at me, replaying over and over the time we first met.

Yes, I’ve worked all of this out.  Hate the player, not the game.  Because you know you’ve done it too.

So, now that we’ve settled my glamorous future, let’s bring it back to the present!

As I’m now a young professional, I have to go to work everyday.  Which means I get a little thing I like to call The Mid-Week Slump.  And what better way to shake up my Mid-Week Slump than a night out to the theataaaaahhhh?!

My friend Adam and I made a night of it – a little homemade baked mac & cheese, brownies, and plenty of vino (I’m clearly on the “see food” diet).  Here he is rocking his too-expensive-to-mention-but-totally-worth-it Burberry jeans.  I know what you’re thinking – dayyuuuuum, where’d a player score those?!? Why, where else but NYC?  Perhaps I’ll survive on PB & J sandwiches and sock some moola away for my own pair.  Just kidding.  My stomach is already upset at the thought.  But, what a suave look, eh?! 

I wore my fabulous consignment shop steal – a pink open back number – with purple patterned tights, my taupe suede pumps, loads of necklaces & bracelets, and my zebra clutch.  Gotta look good for a classy night out, dontcha know!  At least, until you spill red wine on yourself.  Because, that’s exactly what I did.  Oh, and have I ever mentioned that I HATE doing laundry?  Because I do.

Anyways, enough of my complaining.  Let’s get to the good stuff.

The show, performed at The Ordway in St. Paul, was INCREDIBLE.  Like, woah.

I vaguely remember seeing Billy Elliot, the movie version, way back when – but one thing that absolutely cannot beat live performance is the dancing.

I was absolutely blown away by Billy, as well as the rest of the cast.  These little munchkins were accomplishing feats I could only dream about.  Everything was spot on, sharp, and perfectly executed.  Every turn, every leap, every pique – it was inspiring.  I would have joined them all, but seeing as I had knock-me-down-and-ahem-me shoes on, I probably would have broken an ankle.

The story itself is made up of some of the most fabulous characters I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Grandma, for one, was an anthem for women everywhere.  Her solo touts her dream to re-live her life without the help of men, enjoying freedom and plenty of drinks.  Which, obviously, is the best part.

And gone dancing, and not give a shit
and spin around and reel and love each bit
And I’d dance alone and enjoy it
And I’d be me for an entire life.
Instead of somebody’s wife
and I never would be sober.
And I never would be sober.

And the dance teacher, Mrs. Wilkinson, is a sass and a half.  With her strong-willed independence and no fear attitude towards anyone who stands in her way, she’s absolutely hilarious and equally inspiring.  Not to mention that she wore leg warmers in almost every scene.  WIN!  What’s dancing without a good pair of bright leg warmers?!

To top it all off, I fell in love with Michael, Billy’s best friend.  He’s a young boy who’s just coming into his discovery of being gay in a town where mining breeds macho machines.  He loves cross-dressing and rummaging in his sister’s closet for new fashion finds – and of course, he adores the idea of “separates” – a style suggestion he glamorously squeals to Billy when he makes him try on a skirt and top.  My kind of man!  Anyone as obsessed with fashion as I deserves a brownie.  Scratch that – a whole pan of brownies.  And as his solo goes…

Is it sinful if you’re blue
To cheer up the place?
What is wrong with dressing up in satin and lace?
Get some earrings, some mascara, heels and a fan.
Pretty soon you will start to feel a different man.


And Billy Elliot was, well, unbelievable.  A true triple threat with talent that made me have to physically pick up my jaw from the floor, he was lovable from the start.  This young man was a joy to watch and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  Especially during his ballet duet with another actor – perfectly in sync, they elegantly danced across the fog-filled stage and immediately brought tears to my eyes.  Phenomenal.

For those of you who love theater, and for those of you who have never stepped within 20 feet of one, I encourage you to go and see this show.  It’s worth every penny.  And, of course, any excuse to dress to impress is one I simply can’t pass by – and neither should you!  So grab a pair of heels (or dress shoes for the gentlemen…or heels if you’re so inclined) and head to the theataaaaah for a night to remember!



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