Two Tone Wonder

While I dream of one day being able to own a closet filled with the likes of Gucci, Chanel and Prada, I currently have a salary that would force me to forgo eating food for a solid two weeks to afford even one earring from such a fine establishment.

So, in desperation, newly post-collegiates like myself find a temporary mecca in the one and only Forever 21.  And the greatest part about this discount superstore?!  Why, the clearance of course!

Just yesterday, I meandered into the sale section and scored a cobalt blue pea coat, a pair of floral/white cutoff jean shorts, a zebra top, and a two-tone mustard/cream dress – all for under $24! XIEOLIDAKVNLERIGHONVUEJHRLFAOWEGHO! That was me being excited.  In case you didn’t get it.

So today, I busted out one of my purchases in a mod and retro-inspired fall getup (um…it’s already October…how’d that happen?!?!).  I paired this two-tone gem with patterned black tights, my patent leather Guess peep toes, a few layers of necklaces, and arm candy (every outfit needs a little candaaaay!).  At my cubicle I threw on a black cardigan, and BOOM!  Perfectly appropriate for work!

It was especially cute when I took my dog for a walk this afternoon and had to bend over when he decided to utilize el bano – numero dos – right on the sidewalk.  I may have had a poo bag in hand, but I looked damn good with that poo bag in my hand.  I mean, according to every romcom, that’s exactly how we’re all supposed to meet our dream man, right?!

Ok, maybe not.  But where there lacks a sexy god of a man, there exists style – and that is timeless 😉




Image(“Hi, I’m intellectual,” she says as she searches for the pictures.)

Image(I promise I’m closing my eyes because I’m enjoying the apple-tastic flavors of cider, not because I’ve just smelled something foul…though that is indeed what it looks like.)




Image(This is Barkley.  We live together.  It’s pretty serious.)


Happy Fall!


2 thoughts on “Two Tone Wonder

  1. I love this. The style is perf and the writing is simultaneously wise and hilarious! Can we go shopping soon so you can style me?

    1. You are the bees’ knees. I’m blushing. Yes. Any excuse for shopping is fabulous for me! My wallet would strongly disagree, but sadly, he doesn’t have an opinion in the matter. So, it’s a date!

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