The Pencil Skirt Paradox

Perhaps one of the most flattering and classic trends in office couture is the pencil skirt.


Curve-hugging and available in everything from charcoal gray to pinstriped and bright yellow, it’s the perfect business-saavy choice.  It allows you to look both sophisticated and professional, and at the same time gives you plenty of room to express your own personal style. Pair it with a stark white button-up and gold chains for an elegant and metallic twist, or tuck in a patterned top with a bold print to shake up the blah of cube life!  And of course, the pencil skirt always looks the best with my favorite kicks (surprise, surprise) – heels!  Tres chic!

The style of the pencil skirt has become so popular, in fact, that it has transformed to accomodate for the fashionable needs of nightlife festivities.  I present to you the paradox of the bandeau skirt:

Like the pencil skirt, this sheath of fabric hugs the womanly curves we all struggle to keep whipped into shape on a daily basis.  It shows off our ass-ets (ha – get it?) in a way that automatically puts men in a much cheerier mood.  Who wouldn’t want to rock one at the bars?!

Karibu Boutique - online fashion store

The problem comes when certain females decide that bandeau skirt = pencil skirt.  It doesn’t.  Bandeau skirts are generally made with spandex as one of the main ingredients.  This means it’s meant to be extra tight and sexy.  RE: not office-appropriate.  Not to mention that bandeau skirts are generally made to hit mid-thigh at their longest point.  It’s probably not the best move to be in a meeting with your boss and halfway through, as you cross your legs, he’s able to see the edge of your buttocks.  Just saying.

Please ladies, heed this warning and avoid wearing your club wear throught the halls of corporate America.  Unless of course you decide to pursue a corner office on the corner.  Then by all means, hike that thang up a few more inches.  Good luck gettin’ those dolla dolla bills y’all.

Who knows?  Perhaps you’ll be as successful as Miss Heidi Fleiss:

“I took the oldest profession on Earth and I did it better than anyone on Earth.  Alexander the Great conquered the world at thirty-two.  I conquered it at twenty-two.”


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