Sweater Obsession

It’s fall! Officially!

Which means, obviously, that I’ve already created a detailed list of items that are must-have additions to my closet.  Nevermind that my current closet is about as minimalistic as the dressing room at Forever 21.  I can just prop my drooping rod up with a box…or…something…

What’s that you say? Just get rid of some clothes with a little cleaning sesh? NO! NEVER! My treasures are irreplaceable!  I might only wear that one shirt that hangs at the back of my closet if I happen to be invited to a country-themed party, but I MUST KEEP IT!

Argument settled.  Let’s move on to my wish list.

At the moment, the weather has a taken a turn towards a chillier front (which means hot chocolate and cozy nights in – who wants to invite me over to enjoy their fireplace??).  As a result, I am currently craving sweaters.  Big bulky sweaters to be exact.

Now, the trick to sweaters is to avoid itchy material.  What’s the point of having something that looks cozy, but feels like you’re rubbing up against Big Foot’s chest?  Ew.  Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to avoid buying said material – just that you ought you embrace the art of layering.  Because, if you’re anything like me, it’s not only the itch that requires layers, but the bipolar tendency of my body to react to temperature.  I may be chilled to the bone when I walk out my front door, but by the time I arrive at work, I’m stripping down to the thinnest layer I can possibly strip down to without being completely naked.  Wouldn’t want to give my fellow Cubies the wrong idea.

Anywho – back to layering.  There’s nothing better than having a sweater that’s bulky and big enough to curl up in or wrap around yourself when you’re feeling brrrrr.  I’m in love with this elbow-length and shorter-sleeved sweater style – perfect for throwing over any long-sleeved shirt, and equally adorable over a smart dress.  I’m obsessed.  Needless to say, I’m tempted to buy one in multiple colors.  I should probably refrain.  But know that this style WILL be making a debut in my over-stuffed closet in the near future (when’s payday?!)…

Until then, check out some ideas for styling your fall wardrobe with this essential piece!

From Kindred Spirits via Ruche:

snowy cedars sweaterKindred Spirits 21

From Urban Outfitters:

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan

Ecote Mitred Stripe Belted Cardigan


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