I have this dream of being a hipster.  Except, in my mind, I would take daily showers and not have tattoo sleeves and probably would still listen to pop and top 40 radio hits.  But, whatever.

Whenever someone compliments my outfit and says I look “edgy” or “hipster” or “insert really cool adjective here,” you can bet I’ll be floating on cloud nine and re-playing the compliment over and over in my mind until someone gets annoyed because I’ve actually been repeating it over and over out loud.

That being said, whenever I’m out shopping for some stellar consignment or vintage finds, I’m always looking for something unique.  Of course, I still do my fair share of Target stops and probably own the same swimsuit as about 900,000 other individuals in America.  But, that’s our little secret.  If anyone found out, it would totally ruin my credibility.  I’M A HIPSTER! I’M A HIPSTER! I’M A HIPSTER! (Repeat mantra until you believe it to be true).

Just last weekend, I went on a shopping jaunt with one of my besties.  Naturally, we started off the evening with a round of 2 for 1s and other happy hour goodies at the Herkimer in Uptown.  I’m totally hipster.  I totally spend all my time there, drinking brewed-on-the-spot beer and jamming to indie rock.  Nevermind that it was my first visit.

Meet Crawford, my partner in crime.  She has lovingly reminded me that I often classify mere consignment finds (which are usually just mainstream manufactured items that someone didn’t want anymore and that were made within the last few years) as “vintage,” thereby attempting to convince others of my “hipsterness” and “cool factor.”  Guilty as charged.

And it is with this “vintage” mindset that we continued our evening shopping at Tatters and Buffalo Exchange, me searching for that iconic piece, and Crawford mostly making fun of me for my constant “vintage” classification of shirts that were obviously on the rack at H&M just last season.

But, lo and behold!  I actually did find a piece I can legitimately call vintage!  As I was walking up to the register at Buffalo Exchange with this fabulous pair of sparkly gold smoking flats (see below), I saw out of the corner of my eye a bag of wonder sitting idly in the window.

This baby turned out to be an actual Brunswick bowling bag – leather, with the Brunswick name tag still attached, and the metal framing for the placement of a bowling ball sitting nonchalantly in the interior.  Sheer perfection!  I have since deemed it my latest and greatest purse, and carry it around town like my life depends on it.

And, what has the result been?  Why, I shall tell you!  That weekend I wore it out to the bars, and an acquaintance told me he loved my “retro style.”  Wahooooo!  Mission accomplished.

I took full advantage of both of my purchases right away.  I paired them first on Friday night with a pair of bright yellow skinnies with a thin tan belt, a blue and white striped tee, my gold spike necklace, and a navy blazer.  Then on Saturday/Sunday, they went hand in hand with my red high/low skirt, a black tee, my gold spike necklace (again), and my straw fedora.

Cheers to “vintage!”


I have such fabulous friends!  Big thanks for playing along and pretending I’m hipster – here’s to Jen, Hil & Smalls!And of course, to Baggies (pictured here in the middle)!






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