A friend recently invited me to be a member of OpenSky via the book of face.  It’s hands down my new obsession.

Think of it as a Pinterest crossed with your fave online shop spot.  You “love” things – like re-pinning – but then OpenSky saves your “loves” in one place so you have the option of going back to actually purchase it.  It’s a one stop shop for trend following, drooling over fabulous patterns & prints, and simultaneously causing your bank account to hate you.  But what’s a little hatred in exchange for jaw-dropping fashion?!? Worth every bit, I tell you!

PLUS – when you join through facebook, you automatically get a $10 credit towards a purchase – and when you invite others, and they join, you get moola from that too.  Sheer brilliance.  It’s social media at its best.

I just bought this sassy red skirt (work appropriate, yet still flashy) and this Smith by Zoe Chicco Delicate Gold Spike necklace.  Now, all that’s left to do is wait for it to come in the mail.  Cheers to yet another shopping avenue!

Join. Do it. Now. Go. Run.



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