Stick It to the Man

Bright tights? Check.

Fearlessness? Check.

Masks? Check.

Jail time? Yeah…about that.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pussy Riot, it is a feminist punk rock group dedicated to activism – particularly that which attempts to bring down the restraints of the patriarchal society known as Russia.  Under a shroud of anonymity that is both literal and metaphorical, they are fighting to bring about awareness and to take down Putin as their country’s leader.  (For more details on the incident and the movement, check out this article by Carole Cadwalladr in The Guardian).

Given the circumstances surrounding their arrest, following a non-violent (though slightly sacreligious) protest, it’s a fair thought and worry that Putin equals dictatorship.  The three women arrested may face up to seven years in prison for staging a performance-based protest with absolutely ZERO violence and ZERO possession of weaponry.  In fact, the official warrent for arrest is for “hooliganism.”  Woof. If that’s a crime that warrents seven years in jail, I better re-think my lifestyle.  What exactly constitutes “hooliganism” anyways?! And why, pray tell, is it cause for such unneccessary security measures?

I’m thinking it’s because it’s a movement led by women, for women.  And apparently Russia just can’t get past its misogyny.

Nonetheless, Pussy Riot has indeed caused a riot.  Good luck defending your claims and justifications, Putin.

And as for all those Russian feminists out there?  You have my vote.


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