Mad Men

It seems like the 1960s are back in full swing these days.  From obnoxious misogynists invading the political sphere (when YOU have a pair of fallopian tubes, by all means, feel free to tell us all what to do with them…but until then, can it), to the ever popular hit series Mad Men, it was only a matter of time until the 60s staked claim on the fashion world.

Every designer has, at some point, been inspired by the lovely Jackie Kennedy.  Oversized shades and curve-hugging suits practically ooze class.  And class, as we all know, is timeless.  (It wouldn’t hurt people to remember that bit of information.  Midriff shirts look good on about 2% of the population.  Please, for the love of all things holy, do NOT revert back to this dreadful 90s style.  Just saying.)

So, back to the fashion of the 60s to which we’ve thankfully reverted.  But what good is great fashion sense without a reason to show it off?!?!  A party was obviously needed to celebrate this grand ode to the return of curves.  And who better to throw one than two of my best friends, Katie and Emily?  For a little background, Emily is helluh smart – this chick just got into med school and is fluent in German.  No big deal or anything.  And Miss Katie is a baking fanatic and runs her own baking blog (check it out here).  I thank God everyday that I don’t live with her, because A, she’d be broke because I’d be eating all of her food, and B, if I were to go out in public, it’d be like that scene in Shallow Hal when Gwenyth breaks the booth in the restaurant.  Minus a man magically seeing the skinnier me.  Woof.

Now, these ladies are what I like to call the Goddesses of Entertainment.  Sounds a bit like a stripper name, you say?  Ew. Disgusting. C’mon people – get your heads out of the gutter!  Because, you see, these Goddesses of Entertainment (cue strobe lights and bass-bumping rap music) make nothing short of gourmet appetizers for any party they throw.  Not to mention their fabulous festive decorations and theme-appropriate drinks and party favors (in this case, a candy cigarette).  On the other hand, my entertaining skills generally consist of a box of ready-made brownie mix and a 12 pack of whatever beer is cheapest at the liquor store.  Hence my full blown appreciation for their efforts.  I prefer someone else to host the party…that way, I don’t have to do anything but whip up a stellar outfit and start slurping down the cocktails.

In fact, I think it’s best, at this time, to warn any men out there pining away for my “yes” to their proposal:

Dear future husband,

I will NOT be doing the cooking.  However, I will always promise to love and cherish you, and to always wear fabulous clothing (see below) and channel my inner Joan Harris.

Love, your future wife.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get onto the good stuff!  Fashion!

I decided to don a classic bright green cap sleeve dress that I found several years ago on a sale rack at the Dress Barn, of all places.  I know, I know, Dress Barn doesn’t exactly conjure up images of sex on legs.  But, this baby was a diamond in the ruff.  The shape is perfect – a flattering, office-appropriate, sassy look.

I paired it with my beloved nude Elle pumps (again, a steal – less than $20 bucks!), a dark grey clutch with a gold chain strap, and a pair of vintage gold studs.

And to top it all off, I did a little cat eye eyeliner and bright red lips to get that simple yet stunning makeup look, and then completed the outfit with a french twist.



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