Tank Trick

It’s hot.  Like woah.  I’m currently sitting in my room with a fan blowing on me, contemplating which is worse: sweating to death, or having an enormously high electric bill in exchange for a cool atmosphere.  Both seem equally daunting.

But, what seems worse in this weather is having to dress in business attire.  Can you imagine donning a thick wool blazer and dress pants, slugging to work and feeling every single bead of sweat slowly drip in places it does not rightfully belong?  Gross. Uncomfortable. Horrible. Blech.  I could go on and on.

Yet, the truth is that a good number of my peers and I are about to join that world and will most likely have to don such attire on multiple occasions this summer.  The good news?  The blazer can wait until you’re inside a hopefully air conditioned building.  Thank God.  What would we all do without that magical invention?  But let’s be real – blazers can still feel suffocating for a good third of the year.  That is why I suggest the power of a tank.

Underneath a jacket or what-have-you, it looks exactly like a normal blouse.  Mais, non!  It is indeed a tank top.  Which means your armpits will thank you for the eight or so hours you’re stuck inside a cubicle wishing you were in a bikini.  Your boss will probably thank you as well, since you’ll spend less time counting the rivulets running down your back, and more time on those spreadsheets you’ve been putting off.  I’d say it’s a win-win situation.

Of course, there’s many ways to accomplish this look.  I simply paired a white tank (which you may recognize from my pairing with my blue maxi skirt) with a pair of high-waisted, cropped black skinny dress pants (jeez that was a lot of adjectives), and topped it all off with a stellar metallic and turquoise necklace, a gold pounded ring and bracelet, a pair of brown wedges, and my brand spankin’ new vintage Ralph Lauren bag.  Oh, and of course, my adorable dogs!

Now that you have a work-appropriate look, you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back.  Except, that’s not even the best part!  This lovely tank trick can take you straight into the happiest of happy hours – just lose the overcoat thingy-ma-jigger, spice up your look with a va-va-voom lipstick and perhaps change into some stellar heels, and voila!  You’ve got an outfit that says “I’m business-saavy, I’m hot, and I’d like you to buy me a drink now.”


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