Tricolor Infinity Scarf

In the last few years, I’ve taken up the hobby of knitting.  Which basically means I’m on the fast track to grandmotherhood.  And that, along with my tendency to fall asleep by 10pm makes me quite the wild child.

Recently, I got on an infinity scarf kick and after knitting about five, I decided to give this idea a whirl.  It’s a tricolor infinity scarf that is essentially three separate scarves combined.  I wanted the colors to come together length-wise versus in chunks.  The result?  Check it out:

I was pre-ttay pleased!  Follow along for a little DIY tutorial…


  • Three colors of yarn – the thickness/material is up to you, although I’d recommend sticking to something not too chunky, as the end result is naturally thicker
  • Size 10 or 11 knitting needles
  • A yarn needle

STEP 1: Knit a thin scarf from one color – 10 rows across and about the length of your armspan (the tips of your right to your left hands).  Do this for each color.


STEP 2:  Once you’ve knit your three scarves, lay them side by side.  Using your yarn needle, “sew” two colors together length-wise (using a yarn color that matches one of the scarves – i.e. when I knit the grey and blue together, I used the blue yarn)


STEP 3:  Now that you have the three scarves sewn together, you should have one long tricolored scarf.  Take the ends and sew them together using corresponding yarn colors.  Make sure the side that has the ridges from sewing length-wise is on the outside of the scarf – you’ll want the ridges from sewing the ends to be on the same side (once you’re finished, just flip it inside out and the ridges won’t be visible).


This is what you should have:

Wrap it around your neck twice for a bulkier look, or just once for a looser/longer look.  Voila!



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