Rev up that oven!

Okay, so I’m not Betty Crocker.  Or Susie Homemaker.  Or Rachel Ray.  Nope.  My cooking skills consist pretty much of the ability to make eggs (scrambled or over-easy are the only options – still can’t figure out how to boil ’em), pour cereal, toast bread, and heat up some ramen.  And unfortunately, that makes for a lame range of options come dinner time.  I like to excuse it with the whole “I’m in college” line.

But thanks to my regular diet of carbs, carbs, beer, and more carbs, I’ve found that it doesn’t make for a good relationship with my pants.  Hello college weight!  Let’s be honest – the freshman 15 is usually waaaaay more than 15.  The exact number shall remain nameless for the sake of my sanity.

Now, in less than 5 weeks (hallelujah!), I’ll be crossing the stage with a tassel and my diploma in hand, and heading out into the real world.  That means no more excusing shitty cooking and shittier eating habits (is shittier even a word?!).  Hence the reason I have taken the situation by the balls and joined Weight Watchers.  I’m telling you, you can’t deny how bomb Jennifer Hudson looks.  I want it to be my turn!  Me!  Me!  Pick me!

I’ve tried reading the Skinny Bitch book – it just made me depressed and annoyed.  Please keep the realities of farming away from me.  I like my chicken and I’d rather not know how it got on my plate.  I’ve also tried to count calories.  Yeah, right.  That shizz adds up faster than school loans.  But for some reason, Weight Watchers is working.  The points are fab and I feel like I’m playing a game against myself – can I make it under the daily allowance today?  Can I not touch those extra weekly points?  I love it.

And today, a coworker introduced me to the foodie blogger Skinnytaste.  Not only is the site and every photo GORGEOUS, but she sorts her recipes by Weight Watcher points and from what I was told, the food is incredible.

Now, all I have to do is make a trip to the grocery store and actually cook what I buy instead of waiting 4 months until it rots at the bottom of the fridge drawer.  Wish there was a self-help button for that dilemma.


One thought on “Rev up that oven!

  1. Skinnytaste IS awesome Meg! I highly recommend her recipes, I’ve tried quite a few. They are delicious, easy to make AND healthy…hard to beat that! 🙂

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