Bring on the Thundaaaa

This fall, I purchased a gorgeous pair of black thigh high rainboots from the lovely warehouse known as DSW.  And they are be-yoo-tiful.  Nevermind that I decided to wear them the other day when I had to do massive amounts of walking, resulting in some massive blisters.  Beauty is pain, my friends.  Welcome it.

Alas, with the turn of the season, we must also welcome the fact that wearing boots on humid rain days isn’t nearly as comfortable as one would think.  There’s that whole suffocation feeling going on.  No Bueno.

So, as luck would have it, one of my besties (and twin…so weird…see pic below) told me recently about a magical pair of shoes made by the one and only J.Crew.  Oh la la, these puppies are amazing!  They’re called “Rainy day bow ballet flats” and they come in black, blue grotto, and neon peach.  Essentially, it’s a rubber flat with adorable little rubber bows…AND they are essential to a rainy day.  With little holes in the arch of the shoe, they keep water out, so you don’t ever have to worry about ruining a pair of stellar black leather flats (learned that the hard way).  Not to mention, one can happily avoid the unfortunate diagnosis of “sweaty foot.”  It ain’t pretty, I assure you.

I picked them up last night in the sale room at MOA’s J.Crew for a mere $25 buckaroos (gotta love sales and student discounts)!  And while today it’s not quite as rainy as last night, I’m sporting these little beauties – and lovin’ em!  My advice to you?  Get ’em while they’re still there…I promise it’s a stellar investment.

(Rainy day bow ballet flats in black)

I’m on the right, and Casey, to whom I owe this post, is on the left.  Wait…is it the right?  We’re totally unrelated.  Weird, huh?


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