Spring Awakening

This winter has been gloriously mild.  At least for us Midwestern folks.  Except, I’m definitely ready for it to be over.  Despite that fact that I’ve spent my entire life in this weather, it NEVER gets any easier.  You would think that I’d get used to the treacherously long transition from winter to spring.  But, no.  Alas, it seems to get more difficult each year.  Especially because of the fact that I was spoiled rotten a year ago, when I spent the duration of the snowpocalypse in sunny Montpellier, France.

Anywho, being that winter can be a giant pain in the ass and one sunny week can turn into a blizzard the next, I tend to be a bit reluctant to whip out the summer gear right away.  But the time has come (I’m knocking on wood as we speak) to open those long forgotten drawers full of gorgeous wedges and strappy sandals and polish up those toes.  Spring is in the air!

To commemorate the lovely change in weather this past weekend (which unfortunately has taken a slight turn the other way the past few days), I decided to bust out my beloved gold metallic gladiators.  I swear they had been calling to me for weeks.  And of course, to top it all off with a classy look, I threw on a pair of off-white (sort of blue…no idea what this color would actually be called) Gap skinny jeans and tucked a little black tee into my skinny tan belt.  I added my new cheap-o watch (which I have gotten several compliments on, thank you very much…style does NOT have to cost a fortune) and a pounded gold ring, and voila!  The perfect outfit for my Sunday outing to the Timberwolves game!





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