Last night I came home from a much needed spring break in Sarasota.  I had planned to maybe pick up a cheesy tank top to commemorate my beach vacay.  Instead, naturally, I managed to buy two sweatshirts, a coffee mug, a watch, and two pairs of shoes.

I’m a bargain hunter, so when I spotted this gold watch (not actually gold…c’mon people, I’m in college) on sale for seven bucks, it had to be mine.

And of course, I couldn’t pass up this pair of red Minnetonka Moccasins I found at a boutique.  Maybe they’re a little wrong for the upcoming warm weather, but no matter – they’re gorgeous.

I proudly wore these babies in the Tampa airport, and while in the security line, I watched, pleased, as the young girl and her father next to me glanced down at my shoes and whispered.  This was followed by the father laughing and mumbling, “hurumph…slippers.”  THESE ARE SHOES, NOT SLIPPERS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I guess the spicy red was too much for them to handle.


Peace, Love & Heels,



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