Green with Jealousy

I spent most of my life living in and around the Chicago area.  Which means I’ve spent most of my life right by the famous dyed green Chicago river…and I’ve NEVER SEEN IT!  Well, except in pics (

How does that happen?!?!  I suppose I was too young to realize how cool it really was, and by the time the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations came to be relevant in my life (ahem…when consuming certain Irish beverages became the norm), I was well on my way to living in Minneapolis for the next few years.

As I was flickering through my Facebook newsfeed today, I couldn’t help but be insanely jealous of my friends spending tonight in Chicago.  Pics were uploaded one after the other of the magical green river, and there I was, still sitting in my pajamas with thoughts only on my morning cup of joe.  Boo.

But, surely the spirit of St. Patty’s Day is universal!  I don’t need a green river or a four leaf clover.  Nope.  All I need is some good Irish music, a pint of beer, and a dance floor.

But what do I wear?!?!?!  While I love green, I’m a little short on it in the clothing department.  It’s preliminary, but I’m thinking I’ll go with a good pair of brown wedges that are well-worn (a night of dancing definitely requires a pair of shoes that can last all night), a little sundress to welcome this fab weather, and a belted green cardigan to top it all off. A few hours from now could change all that – perhaps I’ll feel the need to get a little saucier!  But it’s a start.



Party on fellow Irishers.  Tonight will be epic.


Peace, Love & Heels,



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